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Long Term Economic Plan for London

We take a look at the long-term economic plan for London announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Mayor of London. The plan includes a range of measures designed to boost development in London.

House of Commons report on the operation of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

We take a look at the key findings in the House of Commons Report on the operation of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) issued in December 2014.

Raising EIA Screening Thresholds

We take a look at the results of the Government's ‘Technical Consultation on Planning’ in July 2014, which sought views on raising the EIA screening thresholds for industrial estates and ‘urban development projects’. 


Planning - Briefing Archive

Planning Practice Guidance

We take a look at the new Planning Practice Guidance for England.

New Permitted Development Rights

An overview of new permitted development rights, including a review of the arrangement for change of use from A1 to banks.

Budget 2014

We review the key planning announcements from the 2014 Budget.

Changes to planning for heritage

We take a look at new arrangements for planning for heritage.

Further Alterations to the London Plan

A summary of the key proposed changes to the London Plan.

Garden Cities Propsectus

We examine the Government's prospectus for new Garden Cities.


A Ministerial Statement was issued on 30 April 2014 on Gambling and Betting Shops. It proposes to create a separate planning use class for betting shops so that in future any change of use to betting shops will require planning permission.


Office to residential: new permitted development rights

Our briefing on new permitted development rights allowing change of use from offices to residential.

Draft Scottish Planning Policy

An analysis of the key proposed changes to planning policy in Scotland.

Retail, office and leisure uses: new permitted development rights

We take a look at new legislation offering flexibility to change between retail, office and leisure uses.

NPPF – one year on

We take a look at the implications of the end of the one year grace period for local planning authorities to get their Local Plans up to date before the ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ is given full weight.

Peel Holdings and the Blackburn Case

An analysis of the implications of this High Court ruling for the out of town retail sector.

Ministerial Statement - Housing and Growth

A look at the Government's proposed further changes to the planning system aimed, in its words, at "getting Britain building again".

Supreme Court Ruling on Sequential Approach

Our analysis of a recent Supreme Court judgment dealing with the application of the sequential test in a decision on a planning application for a foodstore in Dundee, Scotland.

National Planning Policy Framework

A look at the key elements of the new National Planning Policy Framework.

Lyons Housing Review

Revisions to the EIA Directive

Read the summary of the revisions to the directive below.


in December 2012 the Secretary of State called-in an application for an out of centre mixed use retail and leisure scheme at Rushden Lakes. He granted permission in June 2014 following a public inquiry. We take a look at the implications.

Rushden Lakes call-in decision

Lyons Housing Review

We look at the key recommendations in Sir Michael Lyons Report issued in October 2014.


We take a look at the Government’s latest proposals for reform of the planning system in England.

Further Planning Reform

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP)

On 23 June 2014 the Scottish Government published the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) document, which sets out policies reflecting the priorities of the Scottish Ministers for the development and use of land in Scotland. We summarise the policies in the SPP.


Scottish Planning Policy


The Mayor of London has published supplementary planning guidance on town centres, designed to support implementation of the strategy and policies in the London Plan. We take a look at the key points.

Mayor of London Town Centres SPG

2050 London Infrastructure Plan Consultation

The 2050 London Infrastructure Plan will be the first strategic attempt at setting out what infrastructure is needed in London, approximately how much it will cost and how best it can be delivered. The Mayor of London has published a consultation on the Plan. We summarise the key points.

2050 London Infrastructure Plan Consultation
London Economic Plan

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