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The CBRE Italy Advisory & Transaction Services Retail department is leader in leasing of space in shopping centers, retail parks, entertainment parks, outlets and the historic centers of major cities and its main objective is to create the right and strategic tenant mix according to clients’ needs.
The Retail team evaluate the technical-economic feasibility, study the concept of the asset to define its identity, the structure and all the elements that make it unique and attractive, define the merchandising mix, estimate the rents, develop all the negotiation phases, up to the signing of the contract.
The Retail team has 30 years of experience in Shopping Centre and knows very well that establishing a place where people want to be, work and shop is fundamental to creating a successful shopping centre so CBRE work closely with both retailers and owners to ensure they maximize the potential of their asset.


  • Feasibility studies and consultancy | pre-letting and development
  • Concept and merchandising mix analysis
  • Leasing and Re-letting
  • Layout advisory
  • Technical and project assistance
  • Contracts assistance


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Key Contacts

Gaetano Lamacchia

Retail Director

Gaetano Lamacchia

T: +39 02 303 777 14

Enrico Barozzi

Head of Shopping Centres Leasing

Enrico Barozzi

T: +39 059 292 4848

Pier Luigi Paolettoni

Senior Leasor Consultancy and Special Projects

Pier Luigi Paolettoni

T: +39 059 292 4884

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