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CBRE’s research in the industrial and logistics sector helps clients determine the right time and place to occupy, develop, buy or sell industrial real estate assets across EMEA.

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Technology: The Industrial Real Estate Game Changer

July 2015

The impact of new technologies on global supply chains can hardly be overstated. The possibilities of mobile devices and apps seem endless and have made old business models obsolete.
Via an interactive audience poll at CBRE’s annual global Industrial and Logistics conference, ‘The Power of Three’, over 300 delegates shared their views on where innovation is leading the industrial & logistics industry and how location, specification and role of real estate may change.
The evolution of e-commerce and online retailing stands out as a major disruptive factor for the sector, encouraging technological advances. It is this, and the need for global manufacturers, retailers and third-party logistics providers to satisfy customer requirements.
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Machiel Wolters

Machiel Wolters

Head of EMEA Industrial & Logistics Research
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