Industrial and Logistics Research

CBRE’s research in the industrial and logistics sector helps clients determine the right time and place to occupy, develop, buy or sell industrial real estate assets across EMEA.

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Report Criteria

Asia Pacific Reports

pdf Global Gateway Cities - Focus on Asia Pacific November 2016
pdf Asia Pacific MarketView Q3 2016
pdf Asia Pacific Major Report - Advisory and Transaction Services Research Review H1 2016
pdf Asia Pacific Infographics - Self Storage May 2016
pdf Asia Pacific Infographics - Multi-Storey Warehouses May 2016
pdf Asia Pacific Presentation - Market Outlook 2016
pdf Asia Pacific Market Outlook - Infographics 2016
pdf Asia Pacific Market Outlook 2016
Report Criteria

Country Reports

pdf India Market Outlook - Infographics 2016
pdf Greater Nagoya Logistics Market Outlook
pdf Australia ViewPoint - How can manufacturing survive in Australia? November 2016
pdf New Zealand Major Report: Current property market peak timing estimation | November 2016
pdf Korea Major Report_CBRE South Korea I&L Guidebook 2016_October 2016_EN
pdf China MarketView Q3 2016
pdf China Logistics MarketView Q3 2016
pdf Thailand Industrial MarketView Q3 2016
pdf Singapore MarketView Q3 2016
pdf Australia Industrial MarketView Q3 2016

Industrial and Logistics Research Key Contact

Machiel Wolters

Machiel Wolters

Head of EMEA Industrial & Logistics Research
T: +31 20 626 2691