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Global Strategist
Global Corporate Services (GCS)

The role requires me to focus a strategic lens towards operational problems and opportunities that present themselves. Whether developing a new approach to portfolio planning for one client, developing a program to help another transform their organization, conducting CRM transformation workshops, or supporting business development through ground up outsource solution design, my indelible objective is to consider the issue from a slightly different point of view.

I love to learn from CBRE clients' stories, and am particularly interested in thinking about what's next. As a keen runner, I spend a lot of time exploring the roads and trails around my London home, always drifting into thinking about what I've heard and seen from my colleagues and our clients, and what it might mean today, tomorrow or around the next corner. After too many sprints home to jot down my thoughts before forgetting, I'm finally doing something with all those notes: blogging here.

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